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This site has been designed primarily for communication between District V AMA members, Dist V staff members, and Vice President Jose Soto.

It is not designed to display personal achievements therefore, you won't find a large cache of photographs.

It is designed to provide a new improved communication medium between Dist V. members and the Dist. V staff.

For open discussion of issues, there are the Dist V. Forums.

For more instant communciation there is the Comments page.

If you have any suggestions or comments about the website contact our Webmaster.

You also will be able to easily locate and email both Dist V. staff members and Jose.

Why all this? It is my desire that:

  • every member feels they now have an effective voice in AMA rule and policy making
  • every member has an opportunity to participate in what is happening within the district
  • every member has a place to go for advice, encouragement and...
  • more importantly, every member has a place to seek available assistance.

I will be choosing the Dist V. staff from members who have been very pro-active in Dist V. activities.

Therefore, please take every opportunity to greet them. Now's the time for all of us to take great pride in being a part of District Five.